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fandom review's Journal

Monday, October 28, 2002

2:17PM - HEADLINER: Controversy in Fandom

Criticism for fandom has always been a hot topic for many people, inspiring the creation of communities such as fandom_wank, as well as individual livejournals that analyze the on goings of fandom and fanfiction.

Yet with the addition of the new LJ community fandom_review, have things been taken too far? Some feel that this detracts from the heart of fandom (fanfiction writing and other creative expressions of fandom such as fanart) or that it takes fandom too seriously. The concerns made by critics are valid, raising questions of whether or not this perpetuates the common high-school phenomenon of popularity contest and BNFs, and whether this type of public coverage only fan the fires of flame wars or other tension between fandom members. Still Fandom Review staff members comment: "Fandom is as much people as it is writing or art. That is the unfortunate truth. We are merely taking a look at what exists and what has already been put out there." But either way it could be said the rise of fandom_review and communities like it are commentary on the current state of fandom itself.

12:43AM - FRONT PAGE: The Next Big Adventure

72 year old actor Richard Harris, who played Professor Dumbledore in both the first and second Harry Potter movie, passed away on Friday, October 25, 2002. While HP fandom members have always debated among themselves about whether he was right for the role, the community as a whole is nonetheless saddened by the news. Various approaches have been taken to commemorate the actor from small poignant tributes on livejournal to more humorous commentary on his career.

Link: Read an actual article</A

Saturday, October 26, 2002

5:41PM - ENTERTAINMENT: Fun and Games Erupt in Flames

Lumos Nox, an LJ-format roleplaying game, has often had a reputation for its easy going nature. However, when it was recently uncovered that two of its former players had reapplied to the game as "plebes" under false names, LN Moderators were not pleased.

"I didn't start Lumosnox so all the big-name fandom people could 'get their jollies' from it," says the LN creator. "I started it in order for everyone - plebes, writers, people of all levels of talent who were capable of being coherent- to be entertained and have a couple of kicks."

In her defense, the former Lumos Nox player stated: "We just submitted an application that was, we felt, a fair approximation of the ones that [Lumos Nox] had been accepting, and we wanted to see if we could 1) get in without our relatively well known fandom names and 2) if we could write like most of the other players in LN." Meanwhile, her colleague characterized LN as having an "amazingly high quotient of plebes."

Issues of writing ability and elitism were quickly addressed by both sides, but discussion soon degraded into typical flame war style, including accusations of cattiness and acts of mockery and mudslinging.

While both sides admit the argument may have started as a misunderstanding, it is not the first time nor the only case where someone has brought up the issue of player and writing quality in LN.

Links: Read it for yourself.

4:54PM - FRONT PAGE: Which HP Fandom Quiz Are You? Recent Trends in Fandom

Quizzes and personality tests have always been a mainstreem on the LJ community. However with the rise of Quizilla and other similarly oriented websites, people are no longer just taking quizzes, they are making them. Over the past week, quizzes of all types have begun to multiple and infest the HP fandom community, ranging from titles such as: Which Fandom Artefact Are You?" to "Which Stupid HP Fandom Flamewar Are You?". It is difficult to pinpoint exactly where the phenomenon began. Earliest HP tests included "Do You Want to be Pissed Off today? (The Harry Potter Slash Fandom Quiz.)" and "Which Kind of Big Name Fan Would You Be?". However, it is clear the fad has spread to almost inescapable proportions. The simplicity of Quizilla-type-pages has taken away the selective process that once kept quizzes in control. With its easy form-filling format, every man, woman, and child can produce a quiz starring themselves and their friends.

However, criticism for these types of quizzes abound. Not everyone's pleased with having their faces put on quizzes without their permissions. After all, even done in good humour, these types of tests can become misleading representations. Others find fault in the lack of range of these quizzes feeling they only focus on a small corner of fandom. Still, for many, Fandom Quizzes have begun to lose their charm and one can only hope that the slow decline of new quizzes means the end to the recent fad.